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Daily Support for Hormone-Related BehaviorPerfect Harmony EQ
Perfect Harmony EQ
New from Perfect Products A unique approach to daily calming. Designed to naturally mimic the relaxing effect of Progesterone therapy on behavior, Perfect Harmony EQ™ is a liquid that provides a spectrum of nutraceutical ingredients that support healthy hormone balance and moderate a horse’s response to its environment. Contains no prohibited substances. No Prohibited Substances
As leaders in the management and preparation of top performance horses, we create the most effective formulas while avoiding all prohibited substances. Perfect Prep EQ products are formulated using only amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are found naturally in every horse. See FEICleanSport, USEF or AQHA Guidelines to learn more.
Special! Metabolic and Sweat Production Support MetaSweat
Limited time offer! MetaSweat is formulated to support healthy sweat production, adrenal function, sugar metabolism and insulin function. Contains no prohibited substances.